Cacao Ceremony

Full Moon Release Circle

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A ceremony to connect & heal with women

Connect with mother cacao and the wisdom of her spirit

A safe space to release bagage and heal deep trauma’s

Energy, emotion & thoughts ready to be released

Scorpio season has started! The season of immense transformation. Combined with a full moon in grounded Taurus, expect change, lots of shadow work, going inwards, wounds and triggers coming to the surface, darkness coming to the light in order to be transmuted, stimulating all of your senses, taking things slow, overcoming fear & stepping out of our comfort zones to move into this new chapter. The amazing @unravelyoursoul and I joined forces and are hosting another full moon cacao ceremony on the 6th of November at the Goddess Room.

This season it’s all about giving birth to the new evolved you. It’s bringing lots of endings & when something ends – something new begins ✨

"Cacao is the space holder for what you're meant to bring into the world"

~ Erin Eber

What to expect

First and foremost a safe space where all is welcome to come to the surface.

Unravel Cacao Her Light Heals cacao ceremony

How it works

Step 1

You can join the full moon release circle by signing up on this page.

Step 2

You will receive an email with all the information you need. Come to the ceremony and unravel your soul with cacao.

Step 3

Release bagage and heal deep trauma’s. Connect, heal & rest with women.

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Full moon release circle: Cacao Ceremony

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Your Journey Starts Here

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Practical Information:

All you need to know

What's the time and location of the ceremony?

Location: Vijverhofstraat 82, Rotterdam

* The location could be changed due to circumstances.

Time: 12:00u - 16:00u

What do I need to know?
  • Comfy clothes are necessary
  • Bring a pillow and a blanket
  • Eat light or nothing at all up to 3 hours before drinking cacao
  • Let us know when you’re pregnant or on any medication (because of the cacao)
  • Any questions? Feel free to ask any of us 🤎
How do I contact you?

You can contact us at